We provide comprehensive sing-entry and double-entry accounting services for all companies and organizations registered in the Slovak Republic.

We conduct sing-entry accounting using software ALFA and double-entry accounting using software POHODA, OMEGA and V-SOFT. If the client holds the licence for specific accounting software we are able to conduct accounting using required software following agreement and in line with the client´s requirements.

Comprehensive keeping of regular accounting records comprises in particular:

  • Keeping regular sing-entry and double-entry accounting records.
  • Recording of all accounting events according to submitted documents.
  • Keeping of registers of non-current tangible and intangible assets, non-current financial assets.
  • Performance of document inventory of general ledger accounts as at 31 December of the respective accounting period.
  • Processing of the value-added tax records, preparation of the VAT return, and the tax control and summary statements.
  • Provision of interim information about profit/loss, assets, and liabilities with agreed periodicity.
  • Preparation of the draft corporate income tax return and individual income tax return.
  • Compilation of annual financial statements.


from 50 € /Employee

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    We further provide accounting advisory services, reconstruction of accounting and other supplementary accounting services according to requirements of the client.