Independent audit is the basis for decision on today´s capital markets. However, the recent events suggest that audits cannot be regarded as routine, annual operations required by the law. The shareholders require reliable opinions of independent auditors, based on the principles of professional consistency, independence and objectiveness.

We perform independent audits according to international standards on auditing and assurance services (ISA) in compliance with the Code of Ethics.

Provision of audit services comprises in particular:

  • Audit of individual financial statements or consolidated financial statements.
  • Audit of individual annual report or consolidated annual report.
  • Interim audits of accounting and consulting.


300 € /Year

Contact us. We will agree on.

    Audit services also comprise interim recommendations for removal of weaknesses in the accounting.

    Furthermore, we provide assurance, related and other services according to needs and requirements of the client.

    The outcome of statutory audit is a report prepared according to the international standards, containing the auditor´s opinion on published financial information.